Advanced Gunslinger Armament, LLC is a veteran owned and operated small business. AGA is not your typical company. We do not answer to money changers; any profit we make is merely a sign of our peers’ respect. We remain doer’s first, merchants second. Our profession is war and we strive to be masters of it.

AGA’s purpose is to develop superior equipment because we do not settle for mediocrity or inferiority. We identify areas of kit that have been neglected and set about designing a perfect offering. If something is already being produced, we won’t reinvent the wheel simply to release our own knockoff in hope of capturing a fraction of the market share; we prefer instead to pay those creators homage. Every item we create or endorse not only embodies excellence, we also entrust our wellbeing to them when we go into harm’s way.

You will not find advertising gimmicks, flowery language, snake oil, or pseudo promises enticing you to buy our wares. They either stand on their own merit or fall short of our pursuit of perfection. We live by “just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise”, and we incorporate this into every aspect of operation, from customer service to our products’ craftsmanship. It is our duty to deliver only what we ourselves would want to receive. Our purpose-built products offer a unique, perhaps niche, but always superior option. With our kit, likewise in life, we pursue perfection.


AGA was initially created for one reason: to produce the most revolutionary weapon sling on the market today. That sling is the Hybrid Instant Transition Sling.

The HIT Sling was designed by a U.S. Navy SEAL and fielded during multiple deployments. It has undergone numerous improvements in the past few years in order to refine it and attempt to achieve perfection in a rifle sling. Created to address deficiencies in the current selection of slings, the HIT Sling was built from the ground up to meet every need an operator has—and to be the absolute best at everything.

It provides a permanent single point sling because this is the best for the dynamic environment of combat shooting, where an operator may need to switch shoulders, transition to a secondary weapon, or rapidly change his body position.

It effortlessly becomes a two-point sling to accommodate long periods of standing, patrolling, hiking, etc. because a single point is horribly limited for these. But the HIT Sling instantly returns to a single point by releasing the secondary attachment; there is no un-clipping of this or re-attaching of that if you want a single point, you get it immediately. Most other slings require the disconnecting of a secondary attachment and the reconnecting of that back onto the sling. There’s no time for that in combat.

The HIT Sling also has built in retention for whenever an operator must climb, conduct breaching, maneuver over obstacles, or detain and handle prisoners. It utilizes a cam buckle to enable an operator to secure his rifle to his chest or back when he needs both hands free.

Every aspect of the HIT Sling has been meticulously designed and tested to ensure that it functions flawlessly while containing nothing extraneous. AGA is extremely proud to now offer the HIT Sling to the world.