Frequently Asked

Q: What is the difference between the HIT Sling versions?
A: The difference between HIT Slings comes down to their webbing width and their sewn-in secondary (forward) attachment method.

The Mk I and II use 1″ webbing, the Mk III and IV use 1.5″ webbing, and the Mk VI is available in both widths. The thinner webbing slides easier over kit (plate carriers/load bearing vests), is 1.3oz lighter, and is a great pairing for lighter weapons. The wider webbing provides the benefit of a padded sling by better dispersing weight across one’s shoulders and is best suited for heavier weapons or long-term wearing comfort.

The secondary attachment is the hardware that connects to a weapon’s handguard and makes the sling a two point. The Mk I and III use a standard Push Button/Quick Disconnect (PB/QD) sling swivel which is quite economical, the easiest to connect, but least ergonomic to disconnect. The Mk II and IV use the RED (Rapid Emergency Detach) sling swivel made by Blue Force Gear which is very ergonomic and fast to disconnect, initially counter-intuitive learning to connect, and carries a higher cost. The Mk VI uses a miniature snap shackle for plug-and-play compatibility with “old school” AR’s and AK rifles to connect via their forward sling loop; it’s extremely cost-effective and disconnects just as easily.

Q: I’m left-handed. Will the HIT Sling work for me?
A: Yes, every sling is fully adjustable for left handed users and maintains the exact same functionality. There are easy to follow instructions included with each sling that provide pictures and text to walk you through setting it up. There is also a video tutorial here available on the Tutorial page.

Q: Does AGA offer any discounts?
A: Yes, in addition to occasional promotions throughout each year, we extend appreciation discounts to certain professions. Please read our MIL/LE page for more details.