HIT Sling Mk 1 (1″ w/ Push Button)



The Mk 1 variant features 1" webbing for decreased weight and less friction when worn with the kit (plate carriers). With a standard Push Button Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel (PB/QD SS) as the secondary attachment, it transitions slightly slower from a 2 to 1 point but is easier and slightly faster going from a 1 to 2 point. This is a good choice for those expecting to carry their weapon in kit or those looking for a more economical option than the higher end Mk 2.

Solid color slings now come standard with MIL-Spec 4088T17 webbing to provide the epitome of weapon sling material. Its silky smooth yet robust construction effortlessly slides over clothing and kit with reduced irritation to one's neck.

** No Primary Attachment is included. If one is needed please select them from their individual pages: PB/QD Swivel – Loop | PB/QD Swivel – D-ring | HK Hook

** No RMSS is included. If one is needed AGA recommends for best performance using an offset RMSS because it keeps the rifle and sling in the most natural position when configured as a two-point. We stock and vouch highly for the Gear Sector Offset RMSS.

  • All crucial hardware is metal and is either covered or isolated for noise discipline
  • Pull tab is covered with non-skid for ease of identifying and positive traction
  • Grip cord on tensioning buckle for secure, distinct feel
  • Plastic triglides for stowing loose webbing on the backstrap
  • Integral hook and loop on the cheststrap rolls up and stows excess webbing to eliminate component contact with the weapon system
  • Maximum circumference: 75"
  • Webbing: MIL-W-4088T17 (solid colors), Jacquard weave (Multicam), A-A-55301 (patterns)
  • Weight: 5.3 oz

6 reviews for HIT Sling Mk 1 (1″ w/ Push Button)

  1. evedder (verified owner)

    I originally ordered the MkI PB/QD which is an awesome sling. Both the MkI & MkIII slide well across your body when securing your rifle tight, or doing reactionary side transitions. It also rotates well if transiting it to your back. It is quick and out of all the different slings that I have used over the years, it is easy, intuitive, and my favorite thus far. I have yet to find any significant issues. While there is no perfect “do it all” sling,” this is, in my experience, probably the most versatile. Customer service was outstanding. I am now using the MkIII (black with blue side stitching-limited addition color) because I wanted something a little more substantial in width. I really like the color because it is instantly recognizable from my co-workers rifles. Thanks AGA, keep up the great work/products.

  2. ganimamaril1414

    The Hit sling mk1 is fit to my rifle. Highly recommend to my gun club. More power to AGA.

    Isagani Mamaril
    Brach Manager,
    Avida sales corp

  3. ganimamaril1414

    Hit sling mk1 is perfect to my rifle. Highly recommend to my gun club. More power to AGA.

    Isagani Mamaril
    Brach Manager,
    Avida sales corp

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