HIT Sling Mk II (1″ w/ Pull Knob)

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The Mk II variant features 1" webbing for decreased weight and less friction when worn with the kit (plate carriers).  With a Blue Force Gear RED Swivel as the secondary attachment, it transitions slightly faster from a 2 to 1 point, but slightly slower going from a 1 to 2 point.  This is a good choice for those expecting to carry their weapon in kit and combat situations where you must be able to employ your weapon immediately.

Solid color slings now come standard with MIL-Spec 4088 webbing to provide the epitome of weapon sling material. Its silky smooth yet robust construction effortlessly slides over clothing and kit with reduced irritation to one’s neck.

** No Primary Attachment is included. If one is needed please select them from their individual pages: PB/QD Swivel – Loop | PB/QD Swivel – D-ring | HK Hook | MASH Hook | Snap Shackle

** No RMSS is included. If one is needed AGA recommends for best performance using an offset RMSS because it keeps the rifle and sling in the most natural position when configured as a two-point. We stock and vouch highly for the Gear Sector Offset RMSS.

  • All crucial hardware is metal and is either covered or isolated for noise discipline
  • Proprietary T-buckle junction piece is anodized T2 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Pull tab is covered with non-skid for ease of identifying and positive traction
  • Grip cord on tensioning buckle for secure, distinct feel
  • Plastic triglides for stowing loose webbing straps
  • Maximum circumference: 75"
  • Webbing: MIL-W-4088T17 (solid colors), Jacquard weave (Multicam), A-A-55301 (patterns)
  • Weight: 5.5 oz

11 reviews for HIT Sling Mk II (1″ w/ Pull Knob)

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    I had the pleasure of meeting the man responsible for this sling and can say without a doubt he has put all his knowledge and know how into the design of this sling. I am neither a military member nor law enforcement but am a civilian gun enthusiast. My experience with the sling has been excellent. The sling has made my range days even more enjoyable than before in a number of ways. While walking to, around, and back from the range it is quick and simple to tighten my weapon to my chest or back making it easy to carry ammunition and other weapons. While friends are struggling get their systems set up, I am on the line shooting in an instant. When I’m done shooting or simply taking a break I can easily go back to a comfortable 2 point position, getting the weapon out of the way while leaving my hands free to do any number of things from reloading to posting new targets. Additionally, with the quick transfer from a two to one point sling, makes it perfect for competitions where you travel from stage to stage. I have nothing but good things to say about the sling from every aspect of its design to its overall comfort. One of the BEST slings on the market and highly recommend it to everyone!

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    This is the only SLING you will ever need. I’m a competitive 3 gun shooter and hunter. Its a very functional single point and during long stand downs or walking stage to stage the dual point is a welcome option. As for hunting, while walking to a stand I use the dual point as it can transition so easily to single if a shot presents itself or slung on the back to safely climb into a tree. I have given all my other slings away. HIT is the only slings I own now.

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    This is the only sling I will EVER use!!! I have tried them all, and I have found faults with all… the beauty of this sling is that it is many slings in one. So no matter what Im doing, I can configure my sling to what I need quickly. Afterwards, I can change it to the next mission requirement. From a SOF perspective, this is invaluable! This thing even holds up to salt water pretty well as long as you rinse it afterwards. Long story short, buy this sling and you will never need to search for another again.

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