Shot Placement • Dots




  • 24” x 36” overall size
  • Seven numbered, 5” circles
  • Four lettered, 2.5” circles
  • Two 7” circles
  • Two 3” x 5” index cards
  • Fifteen total objects
  • Heavy duty paper provides resistance, but not immunity, to high winds for outdoor use
  • Numbers and letters are sized to be identifiable but unobtrusive if not in use
  • Background color provides easily identified misses to correct mistakes

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Shot Placement – Dots is AGA’s solution for a comprehensive, fundamentals-building shooting target.  It combines the collective benefits of similar targets into one convenient package.  For example, it provides medium sized dots for establishing baseline accuracy, small dots for honing that further, large dots for more rapid shooting or shooting while moving, and numbers and letters for transitioning between multiple targets.  These are just some uses–your imagination is the limit.  The purpose behind this is to master one’s shot placement and build sound fundamentals before advancing to silhouette type targets.  It’s highly efficient layout utilizes every square inch of paper to produce 15 varying sized objects while leaving enough room for feedback from each shot.  With a longevity of hundreds of rounds per target, this is easily the most bang for your buck!

  • 1 – 24 ——–> $1.50 ea.
  • 25 – 49 ——> $1.46 ea.
  • 50 – 99 ——> $1.42 ea.
  • 100 – 249 —> $1.35 ea.
  • 250 – 499 —> $1.27 ea.
  • 500 – 999 —> $1.12 ea.
  • 1000+ ——–> Contact Us

2 reviews for Shot Placement • Dots

  1. Dave T.

    When I go to the range I always attempt to push myself and improve on some aspect of my shooting. This target has helped me achieve my goal of increased accuracy. After using these targets a few times I noticed a significant improvement in marksmanship because I was forced to concentrate and develop my shooting fundamentals as opposed to shooting larger silhouette targets that don’t require as much focus. The “aim small miss small” mantra is a perfect way to describe the small dots on this target while the larger targets are good for speed and cadence drills. I shot over 300rds at one target and it still had life left in it. I am still experimenting with the target and finding new ways to shoot it every time I go to the range. Great target!

  2. Tom G.

    This is a great product. It gives me an entire session of shooting without having to constantly change targets and saves me money at the same time. I like the large circles at a range of 50 feet; it makes you focus on your technique. The medium circles I use at 25 feet (or less) for two shots in rapid succession. Usually I start on one circle with two shots and move to the next circle each time taking two shots. That method teaches you how to handle the recoil of your weapon and to refocus on another target quickly. The small circles are great concentrating on your accuracy. Have fun with it.

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