Sling Retention Band (SRB)



The Sling Retention Band (SRB) provides a means of stowing a sling with its host weapon system that is more professional, repeatable, and with significantly increased longevity over the traditional method of using a rubber band. It utilizes an inner nylon strap with a non-skid backing and a tensionlock buckle to secure around various sections of a buttstock. An outer length of elastic accommodates a variety of slings for secure stowage. With a deliberate pull, the sling is deployed from the band and the SRB contracts back to the buttstock so there is no snag hazard or irritation to ones check weld.

  • Overall usable circumference: 8”
  • Compatible with most rifle buttstocks (contact us for custom sizes)
  • Available colors: Black, Green (ranger green), Tan (tan 499), Multicam
  • Materials: nylon MIL-W-17337, elastic MIL-W-5664
  • Weight: 0.4 oz

8 reviews for Sling Retention Band (SRB)

  1. A. E.

    Great product! More durable and much more professional than a rubber band. Sling deployment is quick but it has more than enough retention if you do end up accidentally snagging something. The band is a well made product and I expect it to last many years. Once again, excellent product and an even better company to do business with.

  2. B.

    I’ve been using the SR band for the last few months in many different capacities, mostly vehicle type operations. Before using the band I’ve tried multiple techniques to stow my sling and so far I have found this has been the best method. I’ve used it on three different weapons systems and still have had no problems with it. It is small and out of the way and very practical. I assumed there would be some type of fraying due to multiple uses but that doesn’t seem to be the case in this product. I would highly recommend this product for any type of operation where one would have to stow there sling.

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