Sling Retention Band (SRB)



The Sling Retention Band (SRB) provides a means of stowing a sling with its host weapon system that is more professional, repeatable, and with significantly increased longevity over the traditional method of using a rubber band. It utilizes an inner nylon strap with a non-skid backing and a tensionlock buckle to secure around various sections of a buttstock. An outer length of elastic accommodates a variety of slings for secure stowage. With a deliberate pull, the sling is deployed from the band and the SRB contracts back to the buttstock so there is no snag hazard or irritation to ones check weld.

  • Overall usable circumference: 8”
  • Compatible with most rifle buttstocks (contact us for custom sizes)
  • Available colors: Black, Green (ranger green), Tan (tan 499), Multicam
  • Materials: nylon MIL-W-17337, elastic MIL-W-5664
  • Weight: 0.4 oz

8 reviews for Sling Retention Band (SRB)

  1. Doug

    The sling retention band is the perfect addition to your weapon for vehicle operations. It is easy to install, it provides just the right amount of tension to keep your sling stowed, easy to deploy the sling with a simple tug and it is low profile. The sling retention band is a must to prevent getting hung up while rapidly exiting vehicles in a tactical environment day or night.

  2. dnlstnbrg

    The sling retention band is easy to install, durable, and low profile. When working in and around vehicles sling retention is imperative. With the SRB your sling will stay neat and tight to the rifle, easily deployable, and does not interfere with your check weld on either your strong side or support side. The SRB has kept its elasticity for several months in an austere environment and is still holding strong!!

  3. big_tree

    This is a great product! I have been using it for the last two months and it beats the hell out of the old rubber bands. Sling deployment is easy and eliminates and hang-ups. With this band, my sling pulls right out and is ready in a split second. Stowing my sling back in the band is also a breeze.The construction of the Sling Retention Band is top notch. This is a must have for anyone who operates in vehicles and low pro situations! Highly recommend

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